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It's one thing being experienced in web design, but the proof is in the pudding. Below is a selection of websites created by The Chemistry Set, covering a variety of business types and incorporating Content Management Systems, e-commerce software, or hand-written, modern html5 compliant code.

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Content Management Systems offer the ease of self-maintained websites with password-controlled admin areas, from Wordpress blogs to online shopping carts.

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Simple Sites

Not all sites require constant updating, sometimes valid html, clean css and a dash of style is all that's needed for an effective user-experience.

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content management systems

CMS - Full content control

Content Management Systems are ideal for sites that require frequent updating, be it a blog, gallery or online store. The pages of text and images can be edited in a password-controlled admin area. Other features include newsletter subscriptions, social network hook-ups and Google analytics. These systems are robustly built, yet offer full control over styling and design.

These are just a few of our satisfied clients.


piper moto scooters

Simple and slick online brochure for this Bristol-based designer and builder of bespoke motorcycles. It features a one-page layout, with subtle css3 trandformations and slideshows. As with all our new builds, it's tablet and mobile friendly.

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jacky puzey embroidery

Jacky Puzey specializes in digital embroidery commissions for fashion, tailoring and interiors. Her website serves as an online brochure and catalogue and is hooked up to her social network, auto-publishing to Facebook and Twitter. Full responsive functionality.

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janine partington artist bristol

Janine Partington is a designer-maker based in Bristol. Her panels, jewellery and flat back sculptures are shown in galleries throughout the UK. This website is a portfolio of her range, with artwork for sale, along with details of her forthcoming exhibitions.

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phoenix renovations

Simple one-page design with hot links to all the business services and gallery portfolio. There're some sleek parallax effects on the smooth scrolling and, of course, everything is set up for mobile, tablet and desktop displays. All in a warm, friendly colour palette.

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ruth piper contemporary artist

Ruth Piper is a Bristol-based artist, working in acrylic and collage and this website is her portfolio and exhibition news platform. The design incorporates clean lines, white space and a simple colour palette devised to let the artwork stand out.

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inspirals silver jewellery

The Chemistry Set's first website. Since 2000 it has transformed from an online brochure, to a Flash online store and now a Wordpress site. The logo remains one of my favourite designs, while the jewellery speaks for itself.

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sally coulden art

Sally Coulden required a website that not only showed off her artwork, but could sell it too. The online store is hooked up to Paypal, subscribers are added to her Mailchimp list, plus she has all her social network strands linked up and an on-going blog.

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total khanage surfboards

Kristine Khan produces fantastic art and uses upcycled and new surfboards as her canvas. As an artist she had a clear vision of how it should look and The Chemistry Set had to produce a customised Wordpress site to make it so.

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the tibet network

International Tibet Network is a coalition of more than 190 Tibet organisations, campaigning for an end to human rights violations in Tibet and restoring rights to the Tibetan people. This main site provides many member-specific and public resources.

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Free Tibetan

free tibetan heroes

Public-facing website to promote the current situation in Tibet regarding artists and activists arrested for exercising their right to freedom of speech. It features slideshows, campaigns and displays feeds from social networks as well as share buttons.

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3rd Pole

tibet 3rd pole

This website highlights the environmental issues affecting Tibet – a country of global geopolitical importance – prior to the important COP21 negotiations in Paris, November 2015. This website provides a resource hub for information regarding Tibet's resources.

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chinese leaders

To outside eyes the Chinese government can appear to be a bit of a mystery. The chinese leaders website attempts to clarify this, with particular attention to its policy towards Tibet. It features a deceptively complex chart linking to member profiles.

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html5 and css3 responsive design

HTML5 - Simple yet responsive

Just because we describe a website as 'simple' doesn't mean to say it lacks features, it just means it doesn't have a back-end admin area. For many businesses CMS is a bit overkill, particularly if your product or service doesn't change from day-to-day. Instead, The Chemistry Set can build a bespoke website, packed full of useful features, but with the addition of lovely clean code in the background, like the one you're looking at now!

Take a tour around the sites below to see what we mean.

Chinas Failed
Tibet Policies

chinas failed tibet policies

China's 60 year rule in Tibet has failed to win Tibetan hearts and minds. This website has been developed to highlight some of China's failed Tibet policies. It uses jQuery and is hooked up to social networks.

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New Creations

new creations coaching bristol

Alex Moate provides highly effective coaching for parents, young people, artists and writers to achieve greater confidence, direction and excitement for life. Her website incorporates jQuery and subtle HTML5 coding.

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nanita munoz Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Nanita Munoz is a trained Integrative Psychotherapist & Counsellor and her website offers therapy sessions over Skype. This is a simple, lightweight one-page website with some neat javascript effects.

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